About us

'Kimchi' is the emblematic dish of Korea, and ‘mama’ represents our mums' heart for feeding us the healthiest and heartiest meals. We at Kimchimama hope to deliver you trendy, healthy and tasty dishes from Korea! All our Kimchi at Kimchimama is freshly hand made with a Korean mum's love - a perfect match for every meal you choose to have at Kimchimama, from Bibimbap to Sweet & Spicy Chicken!

Kimchimama represents Fashionfood21 Ltd’s newest chapter in promoting Korean cuisine. We have a proven track record of managing different food businesses in London. Our oldest restaurant, Yoshisushi Korean & Japanese Restaurant, boasts a stellar reputation of high quality, authentic Korean and Japanese cuisine that has served local West Londoners over the last three decades. Yoshisushi has received glowing reviews and full-page coverage in top national newspapers, for the wonderful harmony we have created between two distinct cuisines.

At Kimchimama, we are a strong team of chefs who work together in different restaurants under Fashionfood21 Ltd. We adopt a professional and high quality attitude towards our food and customers, because we chefs dearly miss our mums' food which still fuels our bodies and souls.

Why not try our amazing bibimbap, a traditional Korean dish or perhaps our tasty fresh kimchi. Don't wait! Order now and get rewarded with a 10% discount on your first order.

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 11:30AM - 8:30PM